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Global Access & Inclusion Hub

Resources for sharing, scaling, and connecting to people and organizations addressing global access and inclusion.

Creating the Global Access & Inclusion Hub

This Hub was created in partnership between Global Solution Networks (GSN) and the Rick Hansen Foundation, whose mission is to inspire leaders, influencers and the public to join Rick Hansen in creating a global movement to remove barriers and liberate the potential of people living with disabilities. Learn more.

What is a GSN?

A Global Solution Network – or GSN – is a particularly effective type of global problem-solving organization. Thousands of GSNs are appearing in response to the failure of more traditional organizations and governments to solve the world’s toughest problems. Learn more about GSNs.

Key Research: Major Concepts and Featured Resources on this Hub

For more Reports, Case Studies and Policy Guides or to share a document for consultation, visit our Resources Center.

Find Access and Inclusion GSNs & Build Your Network

Global Solution Networks approach problem solving in ten very different ways. Roll over the icons below to learn more about each network type. Click any circle to see active networks within each type working in the access and inclusion space. View All Networks to search and filter from over 100 Global Access & Inclusion networks.

Icon of an advocate to symbolize Advocacy NetworksView All Advocacy NetworksBuilding awareness to change the agenda. Click to see networks. Icon of a person on a platform to symbolize Platform NetworksView All PlatformsEnabling action and interaction by multiple players. Click to see networks. Icon of People in a Cycle to Symbolize Operational & Delivery NetworksView All Operational & Delivery NetworksDelivering the change they seek. Click to see networks. Icon of an Eye to symbolize Watchdog NetworksView All Watchdog NetworksBringing issues to light. Click to see networks. Icon of 2 People Fitting Puzzle Pieces Together to Symbolize Policy NetworksView All Policy NetworksInfluencing and creating social policy. Click to see networks.
Icon of a Person Holding 2 Scales to Symbolize Governance NetworksView All Governance NetworksGovernance without government. Click to see networks. Icon of an Abstract Star with many Outside Points to Symbolize DiasporasView All Diasporas Global actors connected by birthplace. Click to see networks. Icon of People Connected in a Pyramid to Symbolize Networked InstitutionsView All Networked InstitutionsLegitimacy, broad reach and resources. Click to see networks. Icon of a lightbulb inside someone's head to symbolize Knowledge NetworksView All Knowledge NetworksGathering and sharing data and ideas. Click to see networks. Icon of 2 People and a Globe to Symbolize Global Standards NetworksView All Global Standards NetworksCreating common metrics for global efforts. Click to see networks.

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