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Photo of Dr. Sambhavi Chandrashekar

Dr. Sambhavi Chandrashekar

Curator, OCAD University

Dr. Sambhavi Chandrashekar is an Adjunct Professor in Research and Graduate Studies at OCAD University, where she teaches and supervises research in the Master of Design program in inclusive design. She has worked with the Inclusive Design Research Centre, Toronto since 2005 on several research projects involving inclusive design of emerging ICTs. She was one of the expert evaluators of W3C’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 prior to their publication in December 2008.

Contact Dr. Sambhavi

Hello my name is Mary-Jo and I get excited where human engagement is emphasized and people’s capacities and potential are cultivated.  I am passionate about diversity and inclusion, especially after becoming paralyzed with quadriplegia,12 years ago, with two young daughters. It is my belief that if we make a way, we will include everybody even those who don’t think they can – because we can. I am the Project Lead for this exciting new iniative the GSN – Global Access and Inclusion Hub. From my background as an  facilitator, teacher, communicator, advocate and public speaker I hope to encourage the conversations that ignite significant opportunities for collaboration and change. We are living in a potent time in the context of access, inclusion and disability. The exciting developments going on at the personal, local, civic, scientific and governmental arenas is considerable.  The exchange of ideas and information in the area of access and inclusion has helped to raise awareness and implement many changes.  We are not there yet.  The Hub is created for that – to bring together influential thinkers, leaders, researchers, policy makers and all stakeholders to accelerate the rate of change.  I welcome you to join us!