What Is a Global Access & Inclusion Account?

On our website, you can explore problem solving networks, identify those of particular interest to you, and connect with network leaders.

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For all the accessibility networks we’ve identified to date – 100 and counting! – and for everyone interested in connecting with these global solution networks, this hub was built for you!

Step 1: Find Networks


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The quickest way to find a single network is with the search tool you’ll see on every page of our site.

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Find networks with common characteristics or focus or type of approach to accessibility issues.

Look for these icons and try them out to find, track, sort, save, share and connect to the global problem solvers working on the issues you care about:

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Step 2: Discover Network Cards

The number of GSNs we’ve identified and cataloged is over 100 (with more being added regularly). And all networks on this site, no matter what path leads you to them, have “network cards” with loads of information and links, including the opportunity to save to your free GSN account.

Network cards are the currency of connection! With every sort and link, the cards make it easy to find out more, and discover other networks with the characteristics you choose.

Step 3: Connect!

Explore the hub. Discover networks in your space. Reach out. The impact of global problem solvers is being amplified one connection at a time!

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