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Global Solution Networks Tools

Download our Global Solution Network (GSN) tools to help you define, implement and scale your GSN.

A Field Guide for Network Leaders

Illustration of book pages

Section One: Define

Learn about Global Solution Networks and how they are addressing the world’s toughest problems.

Our Define section of the GSN Field Guide will help you:

  • Understand the GSN approach
  • Define the global problem you are tackling
  • Identify network models for success

Download “Section One: Define”

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Section Two: Implement

Learn how the global problem you are addressing can best be tackled by applying the GSN model.

Our Implement section of the GSN Field Guide will help you:

  • Review the GSN approach
  • Understand building blocks for GSN success
  • Develop an implementation action plan

Download “Section Two: Implement”

Illustration of a small project being scaled into a larger one

Section Three: Scale

Learn how your global problem solving network can have greater impact and reach using GSN concepts and tools.

Our Scale section of the GSN Field Guide will help you:

  • Review the GSN approach
  • Amplify the impact of an existing network
  • Expand engagement strategies
  • Develop an action plan for scaling

Download “Section Three: Scale”

Ten Types of Global Solution Networks

Illustration of the ten types of GSNs