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Our Mission

The Global Access & Inclusion Hub mission is:

  • To build a broad global community, giving accessibility and inclusion issues a strong, cohesive voice.
  • To leverage technology, innovation, and a solutions approach to removing barriers and transforming the level of global awareness about the potential of all people with disabilities.
  • To engage, inform, and enable social entrepreneurs around the world to achieve social change for people with disabilities.

The Rick Hansen Foundation has partnered with Global Solution Networks to build the Global Access & Inclusion Hub, a digital space for people working on accessibility issues around the world to share information and ideas.

The Hub features original research reports, highlights best practices, aggregates curated resources and most importantly, enables stakeholders to connect and collaborate on making the world a more accessible place. A constantly growing and evolving tool, the Hub’s strength is its diversity of contributors, resources and conversations. From government to advocate, non-profit to industry, the Global Access & Inclusion Hub is a place to come together to apply diverse knowledge, experience and creativity in order to surmount communal barriers to an inclusive global society.

This Hub was created to inspire leaders, influencers and the public to join Rick Hansen in creating a global movement to remove barriers and liberate the potential of people living with disabilities. To find out more about the Rick Hansen Foundation and its work, go to www.rickhansen.com.