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Global Access & Inclusion Knowledge Networks

Knowledge Networks develop new thinking, research, ideas and policies that can be helpful in solving global problems. Their emphasis is on the creation of new ideas, not their advocacy.

Institute for Human Centered Design
Expanding opportunity and enhancing experience for people of all ages and abilities with promotion of best practices in universal design.
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Tags: Online / Web Accessibility, Public Spaces

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International Center for Disability Resources on the Internet
Identifying barriers to participation in society and promoting best practices and universal design for the global community.
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Tags: Public Spaces

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International Development Research Center (IDRC)
Invests in knowledge, innovation, and solutions to improve lives and livelihoods in the developing world and helps drive large-scale positive change.
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Tags: Goods and Services, Health / Sport & Fitness, Online / Web Accessibility

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International Dyslexia Assocation
Network of dyslexia professionals who partner with people with dyslexia and their families and promotes educational strategies and interventions through research.
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Tags: Education

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International Society on Early Intervention
ProvidesĀ a framework and forum for professionals to communicate about advances in the field of early intervention.
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Tags: Health / Sport & Fitness

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J. P. Das Centre on Developmental and Learning Disabilities
Provides research, training and some clinical services to children and adults with developmental perceptual and learning disabilities.
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Tags: Education, Goods and Services

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Job Accommodation Network
Leading source of free, expert, and confidential guidance on workplace accommodations and disability employment issues. View the Job Accommodation Network infographic.
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Tags: Employment / Workplace

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