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International Initiative for Disability Leadership Infographic

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International Initiative for Disability Leadership Infographic

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International Initiative for Disability Leadership: A full life for all people with a disability.


  • Support current leadership
  • Mentor future leaders
  • Provide technical assistance.
Peer-to-peer discussions
  • Sharing lessons learned.
Sharing evidence-informed best practices.

Quotes about the growth of IIDL:

“It was a great experience – thought provoking and meaningful. Knowing that this is a ‘world issue’ not just local.”

“Extremely valuable. Opportunity to meet so many people struggling and succeeding in achieving a common purpose.”

“It was one of the rare opportunities (if not the only opportunity) I have had in my role as CEO to spend a couple of days with other senior leaders sharing and learning in an environment of openness and honesty.”

IIDL is part of the International Initiative for Mental Health Leadership.

Members include:

  • Policy Writers
  • Service Providers.
  • Consumers.
  • Academics.
  • NGOs.

Sponsoring Countries Leadership Group

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Republic of Ireland
  • New Zealand.

International Report Sources

  • World Health Organization
  • OECD
  • United Nations
  • European Union.

Sample Projects

Community Living:

  • Development and implementation of outcomes in the lives of people accessing supports.
  • Disabled persons’ leadership development.

Transformation of services to self-directed life style:

  • Innovative approaches to funding and self direction.
  • Co-development strategies and the voice of disability in the decision-making.
  • Workforce planning and development.

Rotary Employment Partnerships: Creating employment through community capacity and relationships

  • Development and implementation of outcomes in the lives of people accessing supports.
  • Effective community inclusion and social participation.
  • Driving transformational change within existing resources.

Learn more about Global Solutions Networks: http://gsnetworks.org/

For more details about IIDL visit: http://www1.iimhl.com/iidl/

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